Part-time and full-time Intern

We don't believe in pre-programmed approaches to employment and understand that not everyone operates at their best 9:00-17:00, Monday to Friday. Creativity and inspiration knows no time and as such while being commercial in our hours of operation we are willing to work with you to make your internship work for us both.

The role is flexible in terms of timing and offers students the opportunity to build their commercial and creative experience in the design industry while undertaking full or part time studies.

Requirements of Role

We are relatively flexible in the backgrounds we select our interns from as we believe that talent transcends discipline of study and that a true team consists of many members with varied skills, each making a positive contribution to the future success of our enterprise. However, candidates with stronger academics and/or stronger portfolios who perform well at the interview stages will be preferred candidates.

Length of Role

We can work with the intern to structure a program that is particularly suited to both of our needs. As an indication we have two primary options:

  • attending the work space 1-3 full days a week
  • attending the work space 2-5 half days a week
Program lasts 4-8 weeks depending on the structure.

What the Role Involves

That depends on you and where we feel your skills will best be applied based on your existing experience and preferences. We also offer the opportunity for people interested in developing their business skills to take on a more project management or commercially oriented role.

How Much do I get paid?

If your currency is measured in quality and breadth of experience, then you will be handsomely rewarded, our internships are otherwise unpaid.